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My name is Mads Tömörkènyi, and I’m a certified EHFA Personal Trainer and EXOS Performance Specialist. I am also a certified ‘Sports Psychologist for Athlete Development’ at FC Barcelona Innovation Hub.

I work as a mentor for those I help. Athletes who want to optimize their performance, children who want to build a solid physical foundation or any other person who needs a coach in their challenging everyday life.

Throughout my life, physical activity and training have always been a free space and a place where I can react instead of act.

A place where I work on myself and my mind is on mute.

Movement should be part of the daily schedule of everyone’s life. We are born to move. Without this, we break down our foundation, physically and mentally, which ultimately is the only thing we have.

Training should not necessarily be fun. It must be seen as a necessity. And when we see it as a necessity, it happens to be fun.

I am of the clear conviction that we must move throughout our entire lives. There is no limit to when we should begin ‘working out’ and what we are allowed do; as long as we keep our head in the process.

Unfortunately, it is increasingly seen that this has not been on the agenda of most people who realize this at a later age. Here I see it as my responsibility to damage control my clients and find back the patterns of movement that we all possess.

In my start 20s it naturally occurred to me that I should coach. My mission in life is to help people move better, stronger, faster and, overall, more move more optimally.

Everyone needs a mentor. Even myself. It is the way we learn so that we can pass on this knowledge ourselves and make everyone around us better and happier.

In todays training world there is always too much focus on the specific and too little focus on the bigger picture of movement. There is too much focus on materialism and the black and white, and we forget the valuable in the mind / body connection we all possess.

I see myself as the person who sees training as a philosophy and an art, and I believe that it is there that we can really create the results of the unique individuals we are.

My personal experience with training is extremely wide. It is through curiosity and trying that I base my training philosophy. In my youth I have been practicing football (soccer), badminton, swimming, basketball, boxing etc. Next, I started doing fitness training, with the primary goal being muscle building.

I learned the hard way that this approach is not optimal. Reverse engineering, which means, looking good before we can perform results in injuries, stiffness and does not increase the ability to move.

I then went into climbing, began to practice yoga, did strength training, trained my reactivity ability, etc. I have learned from practitioners, therapists and mental trainers.

Today it’s all movement.

The goal will always be perfect mobility, perfect stability, perfect power, perfect reaction and overview. Nothing is good enough if it’s not perfect.

This provides life extension, energy, focus and joy to us and those we influence.

Move More, Think Better.

Relevant Courses and Educations


  • EXOS Performance Specialist, EXOS Educations.
  • Sports Psychologist for Athlete Development, FC Barcelona.
  • The 0.10 Difference (NSCA & ACSM Approved), EXOS Educations.
  • Optimizing Athlete Performance v/Iñigo Mujika, PhD.
  • Certified EHFA Personal Trainer.
  • Certified Fitness Instructor and Coach, NEXT Educations
  • Certified Dietician, NEXT Educations.
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