Besides physical training and personal development, a huge interest of mine has always been longevity and the curiosity of what parameters, we can affect, in order to live longer and live healthier.

Not just live long and live healthy, no, being a super human. At least in your youth.

I’m not speaking about living forever. I’m speaking about being in such a condition that you are able to run a Marathon at 90 years of age.

Being a super human in your youth equals better chances of optimized performance and a greater mental health.

The older generations today live easily to 80. Our generation, from birth in 1990/2000 onwards have the potential of living to a 100, and some way beyond that. We even expect to experience super humans in our lifespand living longer than 110, maybe 120.

Why is this so interesting? Because the original lifespand of human beings are way beyond the lifespand of humans today.
Just think about less than 500 years ago. It wasn’t abnormal to die at 50.

Diseases are killers. Old aging is a killer. But killers we don’t have to accept.


I’ve listed 10 parameters, some obvious, some less obvious, you can affect in order to live healthier and live longer. I also added a list of supplements, you can use in order to improve your health:


  1. Nutrition
    • Avoid food/drinks contained in plastic
    • Intermittent Fasting
      • Recent studies shows that lifespand is expanding when you are fasting. Fasting is a wide term, and can be difficult when competing in sports. For me it means eating fewer meals, allowing my self to be hungry, and then eat the amount of food that my system is craving.
        Give perspective to the human history, it is quite normal to go for days without eating, fighting for the food, and when we get the food, we consume so much, that we, once more, can go for days without food.
    • More vegetables (colored)
    • Less meat
    • Less overeating
    • Avoid sugar
    • Avoid smoking
    • Avoid alcohol
  2. Eat supplements
    • Fish oil
      • Gives us the essential omega fat acids we need. Even if you eat a lot of fish, it’s hard to find great quality fish today.
        Remember; what the fish eats, you eat.
    • Magnesium
      • Great for the muscles, among others. Might affect your sleep in a positive manner as well.
    • Vitamin D
      • Vitamins from the sun. Everybody living in Northern Europe should be talking this supplement everyday. Even with a great summer, the amount of dark, cold days outweighs the sunny days.
    • Vitamin B
      • Effect energy levels, if the amount of vitamin is not consumed from food.
    • Multi vitamins
  3. Moderate-hard physical training
    • The importance of physical activity is no surprise to anybody. In fact, in the perspective of longliving and strong health, it’s most optimal to train on a moderate level, avoiding extreme activity with a variable of training methods, such as cardiovascular training, heavy strength training and mobility training giving you a versatile base of movement.
      “Get you body damaged enough, that it can repair it self”.
  4. Sleep
    • Sleep much and sleep good. An absolute minimum of 7-8 straight hours of sleep is required, and you must feel well rested when you wake up.
      Sleep thieves can affect your sleep negatively. Sleep thieves can be TV/screen affections before bed time, music, noise (from the street for instance), light in the bed room etc.
  5. Sauna and Ice Bath
    • Other than improving your recovery, sauna is great for sleep improvement and even seem to have and effect on decreasing chances of Alzheimer’s by 67%.
  6. Avoid X-Rays
    • X-Ray’s is radiation, and we should avoid it as much as we can.
  7. Avoid EMF affections
    • EMF is the electromotive force that we are exposed to from the electricity sources is our home and environment. What you can do is to remove as many electricity sources in the room as possible, where you spend most time, in your bed room for instance.
      Make the bed room your temple, completely dark, shielded from noise, reducing as much electric sources as possible and consider removing your television away from the room.
  8. Avoid air pollution
    • Air pollution is a killer. Living in the city or close to the streets, you will be affected by the pollution from cars and vehicles in general.
      Living close to nature or frequently enjoying nature, on the opposite, will improve overall health and cheerfulness.
  9. Reduce overall stress
    • Avoid stress and anxiety the best you can. Avoid irrational worries and don’t stress yourself at work. Stress is really a killer and will affect all life situations negatively.
  10. Meditate
    • Use meditation e.g. in order to avoid stress. When practicing meditation the brain adapts the calm state to the default state, and will, eventually make you more calm in various situations.

      The Blue Zone is a concept used to identify a demographic or geographical area in the world where people measurably live longer.
      Their secrets are simple, and most of them stated above:

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