(NEW) The Speed Program

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The Speed program is for you who want to be faster both multidirectional and linear in your acceleration and your absolute speed. You will gain technical knowledge and learn how to practice this into increased speed.
No matter age or performance level you can use the program. For most optimal utilization of the program, you will need some resistance equipment for the program, such as a harness (or other elastic resistance) and a sled/speed bag.
All sections are divided into progression programs, so that it’s useful for both the elite athlete and the beginner.
The length of the program is 43 pages and videos are included to all the different exercises in the programs.

Included in the program:

  • Exercise video library with more than 300 exercises
  • Warm-Up programs
  • Acceleration progression programs
  • Multidirectional Speed progression programs
  • Absolute Speed progression programs
  • Mobility sections


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