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MT Performance Figur

“Back in the days I chose to contact Mads because I needed physical training during the summer when I had about 2 month’s break, and heard from a lot of colleagues from the national team that he was very unique.

Looking back, I think the training was amazing, also because some of it reminded me of what I’ve been doing in Dortmund.

The training was specifically targeting me and was very professional compared to other places. I like that we compared data from our initial testing with later testing to ensure performance progression.
Our training helped me a lot on my physical shape and power, which is very important in my field.

Mads is a fresh guy, who’s very ambitious and working hard to get to unfold on a larger scale. I don’t doubt that he will because my immediate opinion from my own experience with him, is that he’s way further ahead and more developed on his training methods than all other football clubs in Denmark.”


– Jacob Bruun Larsen


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