About mADS

My name is Mads Tömörkènyi and I’m the founder of MT Performance.

My journey in the fitness industry started back in 2012 when realizing a personal need of cultivating my kinestetic way of life and be occupied in the field of human movement.

As with the majority in the field, I started working as an instructor/personal trainer in the traditional world of fitness.

I consider my self as a natural sceptic and a very independent thinker.
Whenever being conscious of my thought patterns I start questionning them.

This made me realize pretty quick that I didn’t fit into the contemporary world of fitness. Overall really just in the contemporary world.

And as a critical thinker it’s easy to find flaws in the way we do things.
Discovering these patterns in modern day society made me aware that I had to go my own way, why I went self employed in 2013 and founded MT Performance.

I think we tend to consider athletes, and human beings in general, as robots. Beings that have to follow certain strict patterns and fit into boxes, both in our day-to-day life and in sports.

Instead I choose to consider humans as water.
Fluid, adaptable, non-linear, simple and yet very complex.

From a biomechanical viewpoint, we are missing the interconnections and the importance of cooporation in the body.
My opinion is that we are focussing way too much on islolation and locked patterns instead of the holistic, collective system.

The complex human being is a mystery and we’ve got lots to learn.
I will continues following the path of trying to unlock the mysteries and figure out ways to improve human biomechanics, performance and cognitive abilities more and more efficient.

Science, ancient knowledge and the art of pratice is the path I choose.

MT Performance is a biproduct of this. The mission is to make a difference on a global level, to improve lifespan, life quality, human biomechanics and performance.

Move Intentionally, Think Independently

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