When I contacted Mads two years ago, the goal was to further strengthen my son, Saman’s, physical abilities, make him become even faster and prevent injury as much as possible by strengthening his muscle mass while maintaining and improving his mobility.

I must admit that I am deeply impressed by the results that Mads has achieved with Saman and he has absolutely delivered on all parameters. We look forward to the further improvements in the years to come, which Mads will certainly bring to my son.
Mads has also managed to establish, maintain and expand a good coach-player relationship with Saman with mutual respect and the pursuit of achieving a common goal.

I can only give Mads my warmest recommendations and we are incredibly happy about the collaboration, which will hopefully last many years yet.

Sam Jalaei

Brøndby IF

When I came to Denmark at the beginning of my preseason after a season in KR Reykjavik my clear goal was to improve in as many parameters as possible as an athlete.

I wanted to become stronger, faster and more powerful in my running and sprinting abilities.

I was following Mads and his training on Facebook and Instagram with his athletes and knew that I needed to do some of the same.

I contacted Mads and we started up a course.

Now I’m sitting here, 3 months later, and have improved on all parameters. I’m stronger in my whole body and my core have never been functioning better. Furthermore, I’ve gained power by increasing my vertical jump from 284cm to 306cm.

Also my speed and drop mechanics have improved tremendously and I’ve never felt like a better player than now.

I feel deep gratitude for Mads and highly expect to continue with him whenever I’m in Denmark.

I’ve never met such an ambitious and professional trainer as Mads.

Tobias Thomsen

Valur Reykjavik

Amazing course!

I texted Mads with the purpose and hope of trying to progress a few percentages in my skills as a football player with guidance from his knowledge and training approaches.

I’ve gained so much both physically but also in knowledge about what to work on and maintain in the future.

Most important, though, is that I’ve progressed so much doing the course! I feel this both on and off the pitch. 

I’ll 100% recommend Mads to any athlete who wants to improve on all parameters and become better at their sport!

Mikkel Wohlgemuth

Vendsyssel FF

I contacted Mads because I wanted to challenge my competitors in the preseason and return even stronger, which he has definitely helped me with.

All my testings have been with huge improvements. Mads is always very prepared and you can really feel that he loves what he’s doing.

As a goalkeeper I need other approaches than the other players, which Mads really helped me achieve.

Frederik Ibsen

FC København

Back in the days I chose to contact Mads because I needed physical training during the summer when I had about 2 month’s break, and heard from a lot of colleagues from the national team that he was very unique.

Looking back, I think the training was amazing, also because some of it reminded me of what I’ve been doing in Dortmund.

The training was specifically targeting me and was very professional compared to other places. I like that we compared data from our initial testing with later testing to ensure performance progression.
Our training helped me a lot on my physical shape and power, which is very important in my field.

Mads is a fresh guy, who’s very ambitious and working hard to get to unfold on a larger scale. I don’t doubt that he will because my immediate opinion from my own experience with him, is that he’s way further ahead and more developed on his training methods than all other football clubs in Denmark.

Jacob Bruun Larsen

Borussia Dortmund

I chose MT Performance’s course after 3,5 years of chronic pain due to a destroyed pelvis. I’ve already spent endless amounts of hours at physiotherapists, chiropractors, masseurs etc. who gave me therapy and exercises, which made my pelvis slid out again leaving me in tears and pain for years.

Even my own doctor told me I eventually had the prospect of becoming a “chronic pain patient”.

I did a lot of different stuff with Mads in his course and realized that he looked for other things and aspects than others.

Already 3 sessions later and for the first time since 2016 I was pain free and I’m now able to do stuff that I haven’t been able to for years.

Kia Bekker

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